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Cristian Borja gols 2010

09:14 Minutos

Borja Bass Solo Nº 1

03:54 Minutos
Para ver las lecciones de bajo ir a Para clases particulares en Santiago de Chile Conoce mi banda en To see bass lessons, with the scores and videos go to Listen to my band Opus 3 at

Ikaw Lang - Chad Borja

03:55 Minutos
Ikaw Lang by Chard Borja (with lyrics)

Borja/ Bungs-Schumann "The Two Grenadiers" Op. 49/1 (ENGLISH SUBS)

04:30 Minutos
Robert Schumann (1810-1856) "Die beiden Grenadiere" Op 49 No. 1 (The Two Grenadiers) Juan Borja, tenor Sergio Bungs, piano This is one of Robert Schumanns most famous songs. Its text, Heinrich Heines "Die Grenadiere", details the poets witness in his native Düsseldorf (by then under French dominion) to the return of the French prisoners of war from Russia. In a narrative way, it describes a grenadiers dedication to his captured Emperor. Schumann was fond of the "Marseillaise," and included it near the end of the song. However, the piano postlude somberly closes the work. Ive added English subtitles, based on the translation by George Bird and Richard Stokes featured in "The Fischer-Dieskau Book of Lieder" (Random House, 1977)

FOQ subtitles 6x03 Fer David Borja Jorge

12:43 Minutos
The students go on with their "Romeo and Juliet" rehearsals. Marina gives both her senior and junior pupils an assignment on that play. Fer and David do it together. Theres a Jorge sighting too! Some context so that you understand the story better: since Teresa and company dont want to go with Alvaro to see the musical, he buys a couple of tickets to go with Alma. Alma turns the invite down and Alvaro throws the thickets away. Salva regrets having told Daniela hes gay, as he knows he doesnt stand a chance with her then. Therefore he implies he might be attracted to her and be bisexual. Fer overhears that talk. What Marina and David recite at the end is "Romeo and Juliet" quotes. Martin, the principal, told the teaching staff not to be too strict when marking, as this might scare potential new students away, students the school needs badly. Marina opposes that. She decides to follow Martins instructions literally and give everybody excellent grades. The song playing at the end is "Aléjate de mí" by Mexican band "Camila". I left the Berto scene because Fer and David are in it.

Borja Fernandez Freestyle Ski Profile 2009

03:20 Minutos
Borjas freeski season 2009 edit Thanks to: - Isio Skatergoris Prod ( ) - Borja Azurmendi - Beñat Aguirre - Charlie & Maty

Cristian Borja /Kristijan Borha FK Crvena zvezda

04:11 Minutos
Pridruzite se Facebook stranici: Cristian Borja (born January 1, 1988 in Quibdó, Colombia), is a Colombian Striker. He spent his entire professional career playing in the Brazilian football, mainly in small clubs, his big chance came when he signed with Flamengo in 2010. He currently plays for Red Star Belgrade. Borja is cousin of FC Porto Striker Wason Rentería, who also played in Brazil.

saris divertimento

01:41 Minutos
Liuramae -Junio 2009- SARIS Música: Ivan Kupala - Nana

Alex & Giro @ Rave Maleján 2008

08:47 Minutos
Aquí están estos 2 pedazo de fuckers poniendo del revés la Rave que se hizo en las fiestas de Maleján el 1 de Agosto de 2008

2º taller danza conchera -Liuramae -19- 06 -09

04:16 Minutos
LIURAMAE-MALEJÁN-BORJA-ZARAGOZA-ESPAÑA DANZA: La danza conchera es una danza ceremonial, solar, de círculo, a ritmo de tambor que late en el centro.Los danzantes giran alrededor. con los instrumentos de cuerda diseñanado la melodía. Los pies se mueven con gracia y rapidez, saltando, marcando, acariciando el suelo. El cuerpo erguido para sostener el movimiento, la cabeza alta mirando lejos, transportados a lo profundo de sí mismos. Los trajes vistosos, reflejando la luz del Sol, las plumas largas, de colores, rasgando el aire con la suavidad del vuelo del Alma...

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