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The Prisoner of Chillon by Lord Byron

03:32 Minutos
The Prisoner of Chillon by George Gordon Byron- Lord Byron read by Sean Barrett produced by Robert Nichol Audioproductions London The Prisoner of Chillon is a 392-line narrative poem by Lord Byron. Written in 1816, it chronicles the imprisonment of a Genovois monk, François Bonivard, from 1532 to 1536. My hair is grey, but not with years, Nor grew it white In a single night, As mens have grown from sudden fears: My limbs are bowd, though not with toil, But rusted with a vile repose, For they have been a dungeons spoil, And mine has been the fate of those To whom the goodly earth and air Are bannd, and barrd-forbidden fare; But this was for my fathers faith I sufferd chains and courted death; That father perishd at the stake For tenets he would not forsake; And for the same his lineal race In darkness found a dwelling place; We were seven-who now are one, Six in youth, and one in age, Finishd as they had begun, Proud of Persecutions rage; One in fire, and two in field, Their belief with blood have seald, Dying as their father died, For the God their foes denied;- Three were in a dungeon cast, Of whom this wreck is left the last. full text here:

boat ride from Château-de-Chillon to Montreux

09:25 Minutos
The climax of a journey around Lake Geneva, and one of the highlights of a visit to Switzerland, is the stunning thirteenth-century Château de Chillon. This impressive specimen, among the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe, is in Veytaux, only about 3km south of Montreux; whether you opt for the 45-minute shoreline walk, bus #1 from Vevey or Montreux, a bike, or best of all a boat (which run year-round), your first glimpse of the castle is unforgettable -- an elegant, turreted pile jutting out into the water, framed by trees and the craggy mountains. You could easily spend a half-day soaking up the atmosphere. Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le lac Léman (CGN) owns the largest fleet of "Belle Epoque" vessels in the world, in terms of passenger capacity. They provide dream cruises between France and Switzerland, between Geneva and Montreux, via Evian and Lausanne. Montreux lies on the north east shore of Lake Geneva at the fork in the Roman road from Italy over the Simplon Pass, where the roads to the Roman capital of Aventicum and the road into Gaul through Besançon separated. This made it an important settlement already in Roman times. In the 12th century, viticulture was introduced to the region, and the sunny slopes of the lake from Lavaux to Montreux became an important wine-growing region. The region was subject to various princes, most notably the princes of Savoy from the south side of the lake. They unified the territory which comprises the present ...

el chillon

01:34 Minutos
Vea por qué, este delincuente juvenil se ha hecho acreedor al sobrenombre del Chillón!!!

Chateau de Chillon - The Magical Chillon Castle

07:36 Minutos
Watch more on blog The Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon) is located on the shore of Lake Geneva near Montreux, Switzerland. The castle consists of 100 independent buildings that were gradually connected and now form a single whole.

Mina de Almadén.

06:11 Minutos
Visita a las antiguas galerías de las minas de Almadén. No es esta la música que elegí para el vídeo, pero you tube eliminó el audio, así que decidí poner en su lugar uno de los que ofrece you tube. No queda mal del todo, aunque me gusta mucho más el original.

FPV Château de Chillon - Territet (Switzerland)

04:39 Minutos
RC-helicopter FPV flight near Château de Chillon - Territet (Switzerland). Align T-Rex 450 SE V2 helicopter. Recorded before 12/2009

ratero chillon

37 Segundos
un ratero chillando porque lo detuvo los puercos por robar dulces y revistas de un sangrons

MICROKEY (Japiwor+Jomer+Parri) "qué puedo hacer" (LOS PLANETAS) - Almadén, 2002

02:52 Minutos
MICROKEY: Ángel Donoso "Japiwor" (voz y guitarra), Raúl Rodrigo "Jomer" (bajo), Fernando Parrilla "Parri" (batería) Vídeo gracias a Prado.

Ratero chillon

01:43 Minutos
vean y comenten esta muy divertido este video jajajaja soy gallosblancos100 bye.

MICROKEY (Japiwor+Jomer+Parri) "bionic" (PLACEBO) - Almadén, 2002

04:12 Minutos
MICROKEY : Ángel Donoso "Japiwor" (voz y guitarra), Raúl Rodrigo "Jomer" (bajo), Fernando Parrilla "Parri" (batería) Vídeo gracias a Prado.

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