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Frankie Darro - Hollywood on Parade 1933

05:29 Minutos
In this Hollywood on Parade segment from 1933, Frankie is said to become a messenger for a day, running errands for Hollywood stars. Turn the sound up during the autograph segment where the celebrities are arriving for a costume party. Its clear theyve been told they will be filmed, but have not been briefed in too much detail about what is going on. Its funny when Paulette Goddard comments about Frankie, "He has makeup on and we dont!" Frankie also makes a couple of comments about how the cameras "have been rolling for hours."

Frankie Darro in The Gangs All Here - 1941

04:54 Minutos
Frankie co-stars with the fabulous Mantan Moreland in this action flick directed by Jean Yarbrough for Monogram Pictures. Also seen here is Marcia Mae Jones as Patsy, Robert Homans and Pops and Jackie Moran as Chick. Frankie would later do an act with Jackie Moran on stage in various venues.

Frankie Darro & Mantan Moreland in On the Spot - 1940

04:05 Minutos
This "lost" film has now been found and can be purchased on DVD by R & B Enterprises (URL provided at the end of the clip). This 1940 Monogram movie stars Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland, Mary Kornman and Lillian Elliott.

Frankie Darro in Tugboat Annie - 1933

04:05 Minutos
This is the opening segment from Tugboat Annie, in which Frankie plays the young son of Annie and her neer do well husband, played with great aplomb by the fabulous Marie Dressler and Wallace Beery.

Los Villares no quiere móvil

43 Segundos
Un vídeo

Frankie Darro - No Greater Glory - 1934

05:59 Minutos
This a scene from Frank Borzages 1934 film No Greater Glory. Frankie plays Feri Ats, the leader of the Red Shirts, nemeses of The Paul Street Boys, whose battle over a vacant lot provides a powerful anti-war allegory. Also turning in terrific performances are George Breakston as Nemecsek and Jackie Searle as the turncoat, Gereb.

can I go!!! with car

45 Segundos
driving on the snow without chains

Frankie Darro in Amateur Daddy - 1932

01:59 Minutos
A couple of quick scenes from 1932s Amateur Daddy starring Warner Baxter as the unlikely surrogate father to a family of poor, orphan children.

Dos mercancias en Moreda

03:37 Minutos
Hace tan solo 4 años aun podia haber tardes sorprendentes en mi zona... El Alcazar, con una impecable 319.310 entra tranquilo a Moreda, minutos despues, escucho el dinamico de una 319, es la 324 llevando el "34" cargado a Albolote. Ya con todo guardado, apareció el clasico TRD que entraba a Moreda por las tardes, y otra sorpresilla tras este, la 319-313 aislada a Granada. Hoy dia, todo esto es imposible, ni hay Alcazar, ni hay Fuel a Albolote, ni hay mercancias por la tarde, ni hay TRD ni ningun regional que entre a Moreda desde oa Almeria, y pillar una 319 aislada es cosa casi imposible, y mas por la tarde y viniendo de Linares...

quintos 2002 DARRO

07:16 Minutos
Darro lo pasamoS muy pero que muy bien esos dias. mi pequeño homenajes a aquellos 11 valientes

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