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New Nissan Pathfinder video

02:01 Minutos
New Nissan Pathfinder Action video

Richard Pryor - That N**gers Crazy Part 4

06:39 Minutos
The fourth and final chapter of the That N**gers Crazy album. Check the other parts as they are great as well. This part is probably one of my favorite skits. Thank you and enjoy :)

ITA-GER Spanish Comment Awesome!!!

07:21 Minutos
Semifinal Italy-Germany 2006 The best commentator is Andrés Montes! GREAT! Spettacolo!!!

KTM 125 EXC Six days jump

7 Segundos
KTM 125 EXC Six days jumping into water

StarCraft 2 - SC343 - acidstormy (P) vs ger (Z) on Shakura Plateau

11:33 Minutos
StarCraft 2 - Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.1.1 Protoss vs Zerg How to use Phoenixes

Policia Civil GER Treinamento de tiro e resgate refém

10:10 Minutos
Video da reportagem de Goulart Andrade no canal record news sobre o GER grupo especial da policia civil de SP em treinamento com armas de fogo e demonstação de resgate de reféns com uso de helicopteros e bombas de distração, demonstração de armas usadas glock 45 benelli 12 automatica sub metralhadoras taurus famae mt40 fuzil sig 551 e springfield m1 5.56 munição magtech cbc ctt cbc Video of braziliam especial police GER training hostage rescue

Mongolian Ger (Yurt)

10:42 Minutos
Mongolian, Mongol Hunting Camping Ger, Yurt-Natural and handmade Mongolia It is new. There are 2 layers to structure of this yurt. There are the wooden walls, roof poles, each with a round shaft and a long, tapering square sectioned head. It has 44 roof poles and 2 walls. Diameter is 3.4 metres. Height is 2 metres. The crown or toono is a solid, heavy timber wheel with a raised four-spoked centre. Mongolians said the crown toono in Mongolian. The walls are in a number of collapsible sections or Khana each made from a number of steam-bent poles. Easy to transport, quick to put up and very robust. However the climate and materials available in Mongolia are very different than in Europe. Outside cover made of white waterproof material next is the felt.

Darkwing Duck E05 (GER) - Vampirtest für Darkwing (1/3)

10:34 Minutos
The german version of "Night Of The Living Spud"

Tuckies First Soaring Flight: Duo Discus from La Cerdanya (LECD)

31:00 Minutos
My first Gliding flight, during an Aeroclub Barcelona-SaBadell sortie to La Cerdanya (LECD) to fly in the gliders of the non-powered division of our Aeroclub. Thanks a lot to Rafa Molina, the instructor, and Fabio, the ground cameramen. :)

Richard Pryor - That N**gers Crazy album (Part 1)

08:34 Minutos
PLEASE RATE and comment if you want more :D Its great to know a lot Richard Pryor fans out there. Ill put the rest of this album up if you guys respond well to it.

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