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How To Color And Style Like Radonas Hair Hairstyle

10:22 Minutos
RaDona wanted to have more blonde and less dark in the back of her hair, so we thought wed show you how to weave the dark out and the blond in. Using Goldwe...

Extensiones Brazos para Tríceps

01:48 Minutos
Suscríbete al canal Para comprar la t-shirt Extensiones y entre...

How To Get Hair Like RaDona Hairstyle and Haircut

01:34 Minutos
See recent images of RaDona and her own hairstyle. Here we highlight her style and put it with a little music. The back of her hair has Top Chic Permanent co...

Radonas Hairstyle - Learn How To Get A Haircut Like Radona

10:13 Minutos
Learn more at In this video Radona and Missy step you through her very own cut. Radona has a short hairstyle with vario...

RaDonas Hairstyle Salon and Haircut Shop

01:57 Minutos
Learn more at We have had some requests to have RaDona give a tour of her shop, so here it is! In addition to her hairc...

How RaDona Curls Her Short Hair Hairstyle

11:11 Minutos
Learn more at This video shows you another way you can change up the look of your short haircut by adding curl with a c...

Black Day Videos INTRO

13 Segundos
Vote and comment please.

Moviles que me gustan inés costa campos

46 Segundos
Todos los moiles que me gustan.

RaDonas Makeup | Makeup Tutorial and Hairstyle

08:57 Minutos
Learn more at We had a request for RaDona to show how she applies her makeup. There are lots of different application m...

Radona sy Ikalamaria::Ramilison Besigara

08:17 Minutos
Radona sy Ikalamaria::Ramilison Besigara ---------- - Clips de Ramilison Besigara sur Madatsara :

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