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BIOTA- "New Lookout" (1989)

02:59 Minutos
From the album "Tumble" "Biota are a musical collective from Fort Collins, CO who focus on the electronic manipulation of acoustic sounds, mainly instruments such as naes, hurdy-gurdies, keyboards, percussion and, most recently, vocals. They started out as the musical wing of the Mnemonists, a group of musicians, scientists and visual artists whose self-proclaimed goal was to question the desirability of bombarding children with technology; the musical wing split off in the mid-80s and renamed itself Biota, though the painters still provide their colorful liner notes and cover art. Their sound has gradually changed over time. Their early work (which I havent heard at the time of this writing) is reputed to be very abstract, noisy and difficult to hear as coming from acoustic sources. Starting in the early 90s, though, they have gradually taken on a more accessible sound: blurry, otherworldly, texturally dense and heavily influenced by jazz and various forms of folk music. Their last two albums have also had vocals for the first time, adding a distorted indie-pop sensibility to their eclectic mix, and 2001s Invisible Map shows the increasing classical influence of pianist CW Vrtacek, also known as the guitarist from Forever Einstein." - Alex Temple [March 2003]

Biota - More Silence & Coat

06:02 Minutos
Two songs together here. Biota - (1995) Object Holder - 18 - More Silence 4:02 - 19 - Coat 1:58 (starts @4:02, as you maybe thought) Biota: Susanne Lewis (vocals); Steve Scholbe (guitar, hurdy-gurdy, clarinet, reeds, saxophone); Gordon Whitlow (guitar, mandolin, whistle, accordion, Fender Rhodes piano, organ, xylophone); Tom Katsimpalis (guitar, keyboards); Andy Kredt (guitar); James Gardner (flugelhorn, piano); CW Vrtacek (piano); Randy Yeates (keyboards, kalimba); Larry Wilson (drums, congas, bongos, percussion); Chris Cutler (percussion, electronics); William Sharpe (tapes).


04:43 Minutos
Un poco de turismo por este pueblo de las Cinco Villas.

Biodegradable Bottle - Biota

01:25 Minutos
Everybody wants to make a difference... Now you can. BIOTA is a PLAnet Friendly ? company. BIOTA Spring Water is the Worlds First bottled water/beverage packaged in a PLAnet Friendly ? bottle. Our bottle is manufactured from a 100% renewable resource, corn....not oil! Together, we can make a difference. One bottle at a time.

Jehol Biota

04:00 Minutos
A representation of the Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota from some of the largest fossils to the smallest. At the largest scale you can see the ornithopod dinosaur Jinzhousaurus yangi, while the anurognathid pterosaur Jeholopterus ningcchengensis flies through the centre. Closer in you can see that Jeholopterus is hunting the ichneumon wasp Tanychora beipioensis, which is covered with the pollen Protoconiferous funarius.

Critterdrug on Biota Live (Edit)

06:07 Minutos Speech by Flamoot and Tom Barbalet Music by Aphex Twin Video by KMFDM

Ecological futures are bleak for aquatic biota - Part (1)

06:01 Minutos
Millennium Conference - Case Studies: Ecological futures are bleak for aquatic biota in a western Great Plains river basin Subject to groundwater pumping and drought. Presenters: Jeff Falke and Kurt Fausch, Colorado State University

setter cachorro 1

02:00 Minutos
este es raul de gistredo "tizon" hijo de radentis zum x india de gistredo, lo grabe con el movil por eso se ve tan mal

Mirador del Palacio de Biota

0:01:00 Horas
Puesta de sol desde el mirador del palacio de Biota

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