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Un paseo por Tijola

08:53 Minutos
Recorrido por algunas calles de Tijola

Ani mru mru i Cezary Pazura - cela (Nowa wersja) cz. 1

07:22 Minutos
Jest to Nowa wersja znanego skecza Ani mru mru pt. Cela Cz??? Pierwsza

Third Day Carry My Cross

05:18 Minutos
I made this video for a Youth Service. I hope it touches someone.

Balsa de Cela Tijola Lucar Almeria

03:51 Minutos
Video de la Balsa de Cela

Bar Tendaz Intense

05:07 Minutos
Bar-Tendaz Intense Workout In The Park Of NY! [Gotta See This]

Cueva la paloma, La Cerrà, en Tijola

08:57 Minutos
Paraje de Tijola

Google SketchUp Toolbar Series: Scale

03:42 Minutos
Shows how to use the scale tool in Google SketchUp with tips and best practices. Video Outline: - Scaling in 2d and 3d - Accuracy when scaling - Use modifier keys for more options - Be aware of axis when scaling

Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary Movie Clips Compilation

10:00 Minutos
***PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING!*** NOTE: This description is likely out of date. I will not be updating this space; look for info on other sites. NOT MADE BY ME - FROM NICOVIDEO: This is a video put together from the various promotional clips for the movie. The BGM was edited in by the original maker of the video, although some of these BGMs are featured in the movie. ~LIST OF BGMs USED IN THIS VIDEO~ [ Number | Song Name | Series | Which Sound Duel CD of *Said Series*, Track Number ] #1 | Light And Dark | Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds | Sound Duel 2, Track 06 #2 | Fierce Attack | Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX | Sound Duel 2, Track 34 #3 | Opening Of Counterattack | Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters | Sound Duel 2, Track 26 #4 | Yuseis Theme | Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds | Sound Duel 2, Track 07 #5 | Passionate Duelists | Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters | Duel I*, Track 05 * Duel I and II =/= Sound Duel series for the DM OSTs. The beginning and the end of the video had to be cut off due to Youtubes limitations at the time I uploaded this, check out the Nicovideo link for the full version (11 minutes). The last bit of the movie clips showed a close-up of the three protagonists faces as they called Stardust Dragons attack (Shooting Spiral Sonic) and the three protagonists putting their hands together with a sunset in the background. These can be seen in the full video. I own absolutely nothing.

boneca cela (lirik)

04:56 Minutos
lagu indie malaysia terhebat.nice voice.. boneca cela

Boneca - Cela

04:58 Minutos
1. boneca is not a deadly-serious band. we dont plan on an album or a gig or good lord, a concert. we just want to hang out, sing, and play, and laugh at ourselves. 2. we are not full time musicians. to tell you the truth, we are not even qualified to be called musicians. we have our own commitments and goals. 3. we admit that we are a zillion miles far from good. but we are not going to make our songs perfect just to get compliments and fame. 4. we record our songs at home. we dont have bombastic instruments and equipments. there wont be any sound of electric guitar (for now). we enjoy acoustic and classical very much. they make us feel more... relax. 5. the objective of boneca is to make us stick friends. music is a bridge for us to spend time together. and thats about it. please dont get us wrong. we love questions. because when you ask, we know someone is listening to us, and we feel flattered. we also love comments. because thats the only way for us to know our ugly flaws. but we do hope you understand our purpose. we truly appreciate the support that we have been getting lately (in myspace). god knows how they put a big smile on our faces. THANK YOU. we are nobody, you see. were just this tiny singing doll in a huge toy store. :)

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