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BlaZe - El Boulevar de los sueños perdidos

03:58 Minutos
Cancion de mediados de 2008 perteneciente al recopilatorio underground " Rap in Jam " disponible en hhgroups

Canon EOS 5D Mark II HD Video. IN THE PARK 2

01:07 Minutos
Random shots in the park with Canon Eos 5d Mark II. Lenses: 400 mm and 2X + 1,4X. All about making of this video in my blog: Un video de Random shots in the park with Canon Eos 5d Mark II. Lenses 400mm 5.6 and 2.0X extender and 1.4X extender

SKATE PARK Hd Video in Cimadevilla - Gijon - Spain

49 Segundos
Skateboarding Park Hd video in Cimadevilla. Gijon - Asturias-Spain. Amateur Skateboarding ramdom images filmed with Canon Eos 5D Mark II camera + 50 mm 1,4 canon lens. A video

Poner tele Gijon (Videodrome cover) (Largo)

01:47 Minutos
Goyo Ramos sings a theme inspired from David Cronebergs "Videodrome".

Sporting de Gijon vs Real Madrid. Adan forecast.

03:15 Minutos
Are you favourites or aspirants to win the League title? TOTAL We are aspirants. The reigning champions are Barcelona and they are the team to beat. We are showing a good, competitive level and we have yet to lose a game. The team is growing in stature and really is becoming a championship-winning side. But we will see if we are at the end of the season and see whether we have won trophies or not. ROTULO: What must it be like for rival goalkeepers to face Real Madrid? TOTAL That is the sensation that we are looking to create. When the opposing team steps out onto the pitch, they are aware that in front of them is a great side who is going to enjoy a lot of shots on goal, is constantly on the attack and wants the full three points. ROTULO: When can we expect the first defeat? TOTAL It will happen sooner or later. Of course, we would prefer it to be later rather than sooner and also for the merits of our opponents and not for mistakes on our part. If we continue as we are at the moment and a team beats us then we will go out the following week intent on gaining a victory. ROTULO: A chance for Adán to break into the first team is on the horizon... TOTAL I am working to be able to have that chance. I am sure that it will arrive one day and so I need to be ready for when it does. Although 11 players are involved in our matches, we know that the next week there could be changes and any one of us could be called. You have to make the most of those opportunities. ROTULO: Do you ...

Travel Spain: Asturias -- Natures Paradise: Oviedo and Gijon

05:38 Minutos
After my brief early morning photo safari around the old downtown of Oviedo on May 25, 2010, I met my local expert tour guide, Liliana Ausin, who started to introduce me to the capital of Asturias. Liliana is an expert on Asturian history and culture. We first drove up a picturesque mountain to see two of Oviedos famous pre-Romanesque churches: San Miguel del Lillo and the even more well-known Santa Maria del Naranco church, which was originally a royal palace of the Asturian kings. Built in 848 AD, this shrine was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and is one of Oviedos most important heritage sites. Our tour continued back in the city where we had a look at the brand new convention centre that is currently being built according to designs by famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. On our walk downtown we ran into the festivities of La Balesquida, also called "Martes del Campo" (Tuesday in the Country) and followed a series of musical groups from the cathedral to the Campo de San Francisco Park. I got introduced to Asturian bowling ("bolos" -- where the balls are through through air) and the famous spicy sausage rolls of Asturias and a "carbayon", Oviedos typical almond pastry. The entire town was out celebrating on this special holiday. In the afternoon Liliana met me in Gijon, a city of about 270000 people that is located on the coastline of Asturias and less than half an hour from Oviedo. An important coastal city and the largest city in Asturias ...


03:49 Minutos
video about this city in north of spain


02:07 Minutos
slideshow. music: nick lachey

El más chulo de gijón. RE: La más chula de móstoles

01:16 Minutos
Mas videos de Henry aquí: Videorespuesta al famoso video "LA MAS CHULA DE MOSTOLES". Jonathan Henry Felgueroso "EL MAS CHULO DE GIJON" nos muestra cómo los argumentos de la chica de Móstoles son tambien válidos para él. -El video "La más chula de Móstoles" se hizo famoso en internet por las declaraciones de su protagonista adolescente donde comenta su experiencia vital en un programa de Antena 3 llamado "Un problema de educacion". Enseguida se hicieron eco en el programa SLQH, de La Sexta. Ahora podeis ver esta videorespuestas a "LA MAS CHULA DE MÓSTOLES", se llama "EL MAS CHULO DE GIJON" y se engloba dentro del programa "Un problema con la jubilación" este curioso personaje "Jonathan Henry Felgueroso" se define como "El más chulo de Gijón" en clara alusion a "La más chula de Móstoles". No tiene desperdicio. JUBILEITORS POWER!!!. Humor, parodia y risas.


03:15 Minutos
Esta villa marinera de mi tierra asturiana donde las olas del mar te despiertan de mañana. Tiene magia y tiene encanto tiene embrujo y alegría tiene marcha por el puertu y por la calle Corrida. Es el Gijón que quiero y que tanto adoro Es el Gijón de ensueño es un tesoro Lo llevaré muy dentro de mis entrañas No te olvidaré nunca, nunca, nunca, Gijón del alma. Barrio de Cimadevilla lleno de grandes cantores La playa de San Lorenzo donde surgen los amores. Y esa belleza del muro y sus guapas chavalinas este gijon és cachondo que alterna en las sidrerías. es el Gijón que quiero ...

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