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Obon Tradition

04:14 Minutos
The months of July and August are especially important in Japan as the time of year when the spirits of the ancestors are thought to return to their earthly homes for a few days visit. This tradition is called Obon and is observed at different periods of mid-summer (mostly August) throughout the country. During Obon families will typically decorate their butsudan Buddhist home altar in preparation for the arrival of their spiritual guests. Many families may also light small fires of pine wood at the front of the home in order to guide the returning spirits and welcome them home.

Obon Lantern Festival

05:16 Minutos
Floating paper lanterns down the river to guide the spirits of the ancestors back to paradise.


0:01:00 Horas
Folk dancing at its best ... Japaneese style! This was a colorful part of San Joses Obon Festival held last weekend.

Lodi Obon Odori

04:15 Minutos
"Shinran Odori" at the 2008 Lodi Obon Odori, which was the culmination of the Buddhist Church of Lodis 2008 Obon Bazaar. June 29, 2008

Senshin Obon 6.27.09

30 Segundos
Senshin Obon 6.27.09

Yotsuba & Obon!

06:54 Minutos
Yotsuba and Obon! Video Manga PLEASE WATCH IN HQ Yotsuba (c) Kiyohiko Azuma Cast: Yotsuba - Sachibelle Koiwai - crono04 Police Lady - Sapphire Napkin Guy - tomatocars Man on street, Old man - VoiceBox Woman on street, Old Woman - Sasuya SFX: soundsnap Music: Yotsuba Kuricoder Pops!

Traditional Japanese obon dance

02:01 Minutos
Obon dance. Traditional Japanese dance where people are welcoming the spirits of their ancestors back to their hometowns, every August.

Batukada Fiestas ALCAINE 2007

01:47 Minutos
Fiestas de Alcaine(Teruel) 2007, dentro de la peña Los Inestables, en medio de las fiestas improvisamos una batukada a la cual asistio gente del lugar, mayoritariamente peñistas y se unieron a la fiesta

romper la hora samper de calanda 2009 ruta del tambor y bombo

32 Segundos
a si se rompe la hora en samper

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