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Capcom vs SNK 2: Sub-boss Geese

02:18 Minutos
NO MUGEN VIDEO. THIS IS THE REAL GAME The 3rd fight, this time i beat a famous SNK character. I hope you enjoy If you want more: Ultimate(God) Rugal: Akuma(Gouki): M. Bison (Vega): Rugal:

Cuban music 14 - Grupo Rompesaragüey. Part 1

02:42 Minutos
Recorded 1997 in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. Of all live music I recorded this is the only group with some international reputation.

Sancti-Spiritus , Towns of Cuba

10:00 Minutos
We travelled over 2700 kms in 10 days, going from place to place as the day evolved

Cuba Sancti Spiritus

07:43 Minutos
Un paseo por la calles de Sancti Spiritus, difrutenlo!!


15:00 Minutos

Salsa on the street in Sancti Spiritus - CUBA

02:43 Minutos

Sancti Spiritus Custom Song On Guitar Hero 6 By SxPxAWxN

09:13 Minutos
Note: I did not make this song:) someone awesome made it! please sub him! he makes his own songs, composed by him! which is awesome because GhTunjes is kinda hard to make your own music up on! but after a few rounds of practicing, you get an amazing song like this! pretty hard also.. but very long.. id like to see an fc of this! please post a video response! i accept all! now for a new thign imma do.. you probably know my chnnel mostly for the GhTunes customs.. but since i only play on the xbox, i only have xbox customs.. if you want people to see your custom, PM me a youtube link to your video and i will post it on here so people can see and download, no matter what console! only one thing.. it must be a capture cam or very good quality! please leave comments bellow and tell me what you think of the song :) also please sub me! cya guys:)

Bleach AMV Suicide Nation(At The Gates)

03:36 Minutos
My Third AMV this time featuring the song Suicide Nation By At The Gates I dont own or claim any right concerning Bleach or At the Gates


03:53 Minutos

Cuba Travel, Sancti Spíritus Cuba, 2010 Cuban Music Festival

02:34 Minutos
Go to to see more Cuba Travel Videos. This high definition Sancti Spíritus travel video was shot in Cuba in 2010. We arrived in Sancti Spíritus on a Saturday evening and were delighted to discover that a music festival was underway in the town square, Parque Serafin Sánchez. The square was packed with people. Food vendors, beer sales, and local talent had brought the towns people out in force. Pretty girls were everywhere. The evening kicked off with young singers performing on stage. As the night progressed it appeared to be a talent show with singers and musicians, ranging from the youngest to the oldest, taking turns on stage. Other highlights include dancers in costumes performing traditional Cuban dances. It was a sight to behold. The residents partied late into the evening, dancing, drinking and having a whole lot of fun. We later found out from one of the locals that this was not a specific festival but a weekly event held each Saturday night in Sancti Spíritus. With spirit like that, Ill be going back to Sancti Spíritus.

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