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Scrap Metal - How many aluminum cans does it take to equal one pound?

01:30 Minutos
Ever wondered how many Aluminum soft drink cans you had to collect to equal one pound. After all, they pay by the pound you know. You will be entertained and...

how Aluminum Cans is to be made

04:45 Minutos
Aluminum cans can be used instead of plastic.helps in protecting earth.

Orquesta Palladium 2011 - Maldita ignorancia y mi velón.

08:11 Minutos

Reuse and re-purpose 07 - aluminum cans, life after soda

14:09 Minutos
Ive been tearing apart aluminum cans looking for gem idea in the rough, and now that Ive found a few I figured I would pass them on to anyone interested.

I Rally Show Galiexpo Motor Show 2007

02:53 Minutos
Vídeo del I Rally Show del Salón Galiexpo Motor Show del año 2007. Con: -Dani Solá -Oriol Gómez -Roberto Méndez -Sergio Vallejo -Jesús Ferreiro -Víctor Magar...

CANS - Red light

04:18 Minutos
The first video with Hammerfalls singer from his soloalbum Beyond the gates.

Tangaraño. 13 anos de camiño. Lance 1: De Voda

07:33 Minutos
Comezamos o espectáculo do 13 aniversario de Tangaraño cun "Cantar de Vodas" mentres a noiva acaba de prepararse. De seguido varios homes irán a rondala para...

Refill flat AEROSOL Spray Cans like the WD-40 and others

03:18 Minutos
Works on most dead aerosol cans and allows you to get the last little bit out. WD40 paint cans virtually any spray cans The can will have a rating on the bac...

How its made - Aluminium cans

04:46 Minutos

Melting Aluminum Cans into Ingot

05:04 Minutos
Yes...we are juveniles. But, how often do you get to melt metal!? One regret we have is NOT COUNTING the number of cans it took to make this!

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